1 Local lane on SB75, I-96 to Springwells, and Springwells ramp to SB75 to be opened by Fri 11/16 9am

Steel sheet piling, NB75 north of Junction
NB I-75 over Northline, awaiting concrete deck pour
Placing metal decking and shear developers on bridge
Welding steel on NB I-75 over Eureka
SB I-75 bridge over NB I-75 exit ramp to Telegraph


Downriver to Rouge River Bridge

  1. Ramp from Sibley to NB75, closed, Thurs 11/15 9am-3pm

  2. Eureka ramp to NB75 closed; use Northline

  3. EB/WB Northline and Eureka under I75, single lane closure

  4. NB/SB Allen under I75, single lane closure

Rouge River Bridge to Detroit

  1. Clark ramp to NB75 closed

  2. SB75 from I96 to Livernois, one lane open


  • ALL SB75 ramps from Outer Dr south, OPEN

  • MDOT is unable to enforce traffic (including trucks) to follow posted detours

  • NB75 OPEN Ramps (except as noted above):

    • Entrance ramps from Sibley, Northline, Dix, Southfield, Outer Dr, Schaefer, Fort St and Springwells

    • Exit ramps to Eureka, Northline, Dix, Southfield, Outer Dr, Schaefer, Dearborn and Springwells 

  • SB75 remains closed from Livernois to Schaefer