RAMP CLOSED-NB75 to NB US24, Thru Jul 3 at 7am

SB I-75 bridge over NB I-75 exit ramp to Telegraph
NB75 Roadway Pavement Removed, NB Traffic on SB75 Roadway
SB I-75 over Northline, installing metal decking
Northbound I75, concrete deck removed
Contractor removing the concrete deck, NB75
Construction work performed at I75 and Goddard
Contractor tying reinforcement steel for the new concrete deck
Contractor installing EPS block, NB75 north of Goddard
NB75 traffic on SB75 section, after traffic switch
Demolition of NB75
Workers carrying 40 ft long epoxy coated steel reinforcement


Downriver to Rouge River Bridge

  1. NB75 connector ramp to NB US24, closed, thru Jul 3 at 7am

  2. Northline/Allen & Eureka ramps to SB75 closed; use US24/Telegraph Connector

  3. Eureka & Northline ramps to NB75 closed; use Sibley

  4. EB/WB Northline and Eureka under I75, single lane closure, thru Oct 2018

  5. NB/SB Allen under I75, single lane closure, thru Oct 2018

Rouge River Bridge to Detroit

  1. SB75 off ramp to Livernois closed

  2. NB75 off ramp to Dearborn closed

  3. Clark ramp to NB75 closed

  4. SB75 from I96 to Springwells, one lane open


  • MDOT is unable to enforce traffic (including trucks) to follow posted detours

  • NB75 OPEN Ramps:

    • Entrance ramps from Sibley, Dix, Southfield, Outer Dr and Livernois/Dragoon 

    • Exit ramps to Eureka, Northline, Dix, Southfield, Outer Dr, Schaefer, Livernois and Clark

  • SB75 remains closed from Springwells to US24 Telegraph Connector

  • Construction work performed 24 hours a day